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Pro-Tek powder coating – Part II

I picked up my parts from the powder coater, Pro-Tek, on Tuesday.  To my surprise they were grey!  I made two major mistakes with my first run at Pro-Tek.  The first was that I only looked at a tiny 1″ x 1″ catalog sample of the hammered finish.  It was labeled as a black finish, but not true black (can’t remember the name). It looked black enough to me at the time and I really wanted the textured finish.  The second mistake is that I didn’t stress the color issue with Jay.  I should have made it crystal clear that black was the expected outcome.  The sample I chose from the catalog of colors matched the parts perfectly.  When the finish was stretched across a 25″ control panel, it takes on a different appearance as the black is almost completely lost in the grey.  The finish itself is fantastic.  Jay did a wonderful job with his blasting and powder coating work.  The parts would be amazing other than the color issue.  Next time I’ll be using gloss black or we’ll investigate a true black hammered finish. Not sure what I’m going to do with the parts that will be visible and should be black.  I’ll either top coat them with an oil base enamel or possibly have Pro-Tek paint them again.  The parts that aren’t visible or I’m not as concerned about will stay as is.

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