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Vectorbeam Space War added to collection.

Space War is a fantastic two player, black and white vector game, one of only four games produced by the Vectorbeam Company. The other games are Barrier, Speed Freak and Warrior; all sought after collectibles. Space War has simple, addictive game play, with excellent replay value. Two ships battle with each other while avoiding on screen hazards in B&W vector goodness. Game play hazards are set by the players using numbered option keys and can be reset during game play if desired. When you drop a token into the game you don’t get a credit, you get 2:00 minutes of game time. You can add as many tokens as you’d like for an additional 2:00 each.

space war

Space War game play is identical to the Cinematronics version, Space Wars, and the two games also share similar pcbs and control panel components. The larger Space Wars, which is considered the first vector game, pre-dated Space War by a few years. The smaller Vectorbeam cabinet was produced by the original game designer after he took his patents and left Cinematronics. For more history, read Tim Skelly’s detailed account at dadgum.

I never had the opportunity to play Space War in the wild, but did have a chance to play the game briefly at a local collectors place. I certainly thought it was a fun game and I love B&W vector games in general. Then I attended the 2008 California Extreme event and that sealed the deal. My wife Lisa and I played Space War every day we were there and had a blast. A short time after California Extreme, a Vectorbeam Space War came up for sale on KLOV. I jumped at the chance and even had my wife’s encouragement, as she really liked the game. How often does that happen? Nick Jones (nixs) the seller, was a good 3hr drive one way so I asked for pics before making a commitment, this is what he sent:

We agreed on a price and a pickup date and off I went. Almost a 6 hour round trip, but the game is home safe and sound. She has some messed up corners and a bit of water damage on the bottom and sides, but the game is fully working. The game is rare enough to take some time to restore correctly, plus it’s a keeper for me. I’m going to strip the cab down, assess the damage and then fix it up. Stay tuned.

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