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Takeman’s game party

Recently I attended Takeman’s first annual game party in northern IL. He’s a well known local and getting a chance to check out his games and new game room was an irresistible opportunity. My first impression was W O W ! Takeman’s games were amazing to behold, with every machine in pristine original condition or a fantastic restoration, with superb attention to detail. It felt like I had walked into the grand opening of some new arcade in 1984. I made the hour plus trek up North with Bill K and Jeff R of rotheblog. It was a little tough to find his place in the dark, but we made it. Troy had built a 1600 sq ft building adjacent to his home that holds his arcade and a good size wood shop/work space. I think the XO football is his only NIB game, but it was really hard to tell the difference. Troy and his wife were great hosts and it was nice to meet some new people and see some old friends. Enjoy the pictures.

I had a great time playing some games and look forward to the next chance to visit takeman’s amazing game room. Game on!

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