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Warlords Upright no. 851 added to collection

Today I picked up a beautiful Warlords UR, easily a 9/10 and in all original condition. (Thanks Troy!) I realize this isn’t the desirable 4 player cocktail version, but with my limited space, it’s the only version I could squeeze into the game room.

Warlords Upright no. 851

Warlords had very low production numbers with the UR at only 1,014 units made. The UR is a fine example of fantastic Atari cabinet design, with highly detailed side art and a pleasing color scheme carried through the rest of the cabinet art. The UR uses a 23 inch B&W monitor with color overlays to accomplish the different castle colors. A mirror reflects the monitor image along with a castle backdrop to give the game a three dimensional feel. Similar to the moon and space scape effect in Space Invaders. This feature is lacking from the cocktail version of the game. I’m happy to add this little gem to my collection.

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