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Phoenix Cabaret Restoration pt 2

Picking up from where I left off with the restoration (part one), I got a postcard from Menards stating that my laminate was ready for pickup. The box it came in was huge. I got it home safely and pulled out a sheet of the wood grain laminate. To my surprise the stuff was longer than a sheet of plywood by about 4 inches.

laminate This would allow me to cover a whole sheet of plywood with room to spare, good if you’re building cabinets, but a pain to work with for a cabaret. I cut the sheet down into usable pieces which was approximately 24″ x 55″ each. I also cut two blanks of birch plywood to size as well. The plan was to laminate the blanks and then use one of the original cabinet sides as a template to re-cut the cabinet shape. I figured I could save my self some time doing it this way. Good plan in theory. So I laminated both sides of the blanks using contact cement and a paint roller, while that dried, I removed all the blocking from one of the original panels and got all set up to route the cabinet shape. I made two errors. The first is that I should have cut the shape before laminating and then just used a laminate trimmer and the second, that I didn’t fasten the blank to the original with anything other than clamps. The clamps moved on me and the router took out more than it should have. I was planning to live with it since it was in back, but then while routing from the front side, the original panel started to crumble and deteriorate. This caused the router to skip and grind away at the panel. Needless to say it was ruined. I would use it to make replacement parts for the remainder of the cabinet, instead of just tossing it out.

After that little screw up I decided to turn my attention to remaking the cabinet blocking and cleaning up the control panel. I used 1″ x 3″ and was able to duplicate the blocking pretty quickly, using a simple jig for angle cuts on the table saw. After the parts were cut I painted all the visible sides. The control panel I just peeled or scraped off the old cpo. There was so much rust underneath it came off without much trouble. The panel would get powder coated at Pro Tek and I’d probably have to do a custom cpo as I’ve never seen an NOS cabaret cpo for phoenix.

The next step would be to locate another piece of birch plywood to use as a blank and hopefully I have enough laminate for one more panel. This time I’ll cut the shape before doing anything else. Trying to rush the work only caused me further delay! Ugh.

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