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1st Annual Arcade Party

Wow, what a party! With about 60 people in attendance and about 45-50 in the house at one time, we had a blast. Food, drinks, talking and gaming, it was a lot of work for my wife Lisa and me, but it was worth it.

moore party 2008

We had an interesting mix of people at the party as Lisa had invited lots of old classmates and friends through her facebook page. We also invited the neighbors (of course), co-workers, my friends and then the open invite on KLOV. Lots of people RSVP’d and even more showed up. While not everyone came to play games, just about everyone made their way down into the game room to give them a try. I heard many comments from guests who were thrilled to step back in time and play some real arcade games. There were times when it was difficult to walk around in the space it was so packed. That’s the only problem with maximizing your game space, it minimizes people space!

A bunch of KLOV’ers showed up, including tronic (Luke) and his wife Jenny, p1001 (Hans O) and his wife Trudy, Mark H (as himself) and his wife Suzanne, Franklin (Larry C), RedWolfJC (Chris), SeaWolf (another Chris???), John Hacker (from RGVAC), rotheblog (Jeff Rothe), mrbill08 (Bill K) and a few more I can’t seem to remember. Almost all the games were working, but I did have a few casualties right before the party started. My week old TSPP died the day before of a faulty cpu, Gorf died one hour before and the SW cockpit was having coin up issues. The fire button on Mad Planets also went out around midnight, not too bad I suppose. The games certainly got a work out.

My games run on tokens and I had put out a few hundred at least. Only about 10 remained. I’ll post the stats on what got played the most later, for now let me thank Franklin for helping me un-jam mechs and doing some minor maintenance, mrbill08 for moving most of the games into my game room when I was still recovering from the big “V” and Jeff Rothe for his work on the flyer and helping clean up the next day.

People stayed late and the party didn’t wrap up until around 2:30am. Jeff Rothe and I played Rockband with one of Lisa’s friends to finish off the evening. The wii got lots of play from young and old. You can see a picture of my better side in the last few pics. We were so busy talking and socializing with so many people that I neglected to take more pics. Next time I’ll designate someone. I had a lot of fun and can’t wait until next year!

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