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Do you insure your games?

I get this question a lot from fellow collectors and my answer is always “Yes”. If you have any money into your collection such as NOS artwork and parts, full restorations, HUO or NIB games, you might want to think about insurance. Having 10, 20 or 30+ full size arcade games can really add up to a big loss if you ever find yourself in a disaster situation. Throw in a few pins and the number gets even higher. Now if you rent a good renters insurance policy might be an option, although it can be pricey for larger dollar amounts. If you own, your home owners policy will only cover up to the stated policy value for all your personal belongings. Often you need to increase the amount or specify items in a rider or policy addendum which of course leads to a higher premium.

Luckily, I stumbled across Collectibles Insurance Services LLC at the Chicagoland Show a few years back. They specialize in insurance for collectibles of all types. You inventory and value your collection, then choose the coverage amount you’d like to carry. I’ve had insurance with them for a number of years and have zero complaints. I’m able to insure items in my home and storage unit, without issue. It’s easy to make changes to the policy if my collection changes due to buying and selling and the people have been friendly and responsive to my questions. Of course I recommend that you shop around and compare prices, but I would highly recommend their service. Good coverage for a surprisingly low annual cost, you can’t go wrong.

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