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DECO Burgertime and Moon Patrol

I traveled to the recent St. Louis area Super Auctions to hang out with fellow collectors and to scope out the goods up for auction. I had a great time and hope to do it again. (St Louis Auction) Of course when you’re also planning to pick up a nice DECO Burgertime, it makes the road trip a little easier.


I worked out a deal with Troy Smith of arcade unlimited for a non-working DECO Burgertime. He agreed to drop it off at the auction so I could pick it up during the preview the night before. I was barely able to fit it in the back of my 4 runner and the ride back to Pat’s was a cold one. It’s a surprisingly tall game, but very light like a Nintendo cabinet. I got it back safely and looked it over. It’s complete and in decent shape overall. I’m going to grab some control panel parts for the game and I’ll likely clean it up come Spring. For a little more history on DECO games, take a look at the atariprotos website. I plan to install Dave Widel’s multi-DECO kit to get the most from my only DECO cabinet. Stay tuned.

DECO Burgertime

I had one spot remaining on the trailer for the ride home and ended up getting this very nice Moon Patrol to fill it. Another fun Williams classic that should be easy (!) to get up and running. I’ll stash this one away until Spring as well.

Moon Patrol

EDIT: 110409 – Both the DECO Burgertime and Moon Patrol uprights have moved on to new owners. I’ve been downsizing due to the limited space in my game room and the excessive quantity of projects I have. Trying to have just a few!

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