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Mad Planets artwork anyone?

If you are trying to restore a Mad Planets there is some great artwork available. You can repaint the side art using stencils from gamestencils. If you need to replace the control panel overlay, you can find a reproduction cpo (sold out?) over at quarterarcade. Two fantastic items, but still lacking if you are trying to do a complete restoration.

A good friend of mine, Jeff Rothe of rotheblog got hooked on the game during one of his visits. The game is just one of those sleeper hits that once you play, it quickly gets added to your list of favorites. Jeff has taken on the ambitious project of putting together a Mad Planets game and asked me if I could take some scans of the artwork on the front. Since he is interested in reproducing the art for his personal project, there is a good chance this artwork will see the light of day. Good news for any Mad Planet owners with games needing some TLC.

MP Image

I took as many scans as possible with my HP window scanner and then followed up with some high resolution shots in macro on my digital camera. Hopefully Jeff will be able to piece the stuff together and make it look good. Watch for progress on his work over at coinopspace the arcade forum dedicated to the arcade collecting hobby. None of the BS, just loads of fun. Happy gaming.

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