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Video Outpost Discovered

I love a good road trip and taking a road trip with a friend is even better. Sure, the ride is long and painful on the knees, but the drive for arcade nirvana is always one worth sharing. This time I was headed down to St. Louis MO with Jeff R. We were bringing a Cinematronics Rip Off to Pat C’s place and picking up a HUO Pengo for Jeff. While I wasn’t picking up any games, I did get a great big box full of arcade paper, thanks to Pat. The box is full of fantastic bits of arcade history that I hope to share. Here’s the first piece:

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If you are seeing this for the first time you’ve got to be saying what the heck is that? Apparently, All-Weather Amusements, Inc. thought that creating a giant enclosure to house a couple of arcade games was a good idea. Hmmm, extra locks and keys before getting to the coin box? I can’t imagine most Ops would care for that idea. I suppose the enclosure could be useful in a mall or other high traffic area that didn’t allow for constant, secure supervision. You wouldn’t have to worry about vandals getting into the back of the games. I’ve never seen one in the wild, so finding this flyer was fun. If you have ever seen the Video Outpost on location or even know of one still in use, add a comment, I’d like to hear your story.

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EDIT: A Play Meter article about this bizarre product can be found here.

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