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Mad Planets control panel rebuild

During our very successful game party last year, my Mad Planets decided to malfunction. The fire button died and made the game impossible to play. I’ve been delaying the repairs because of my schedule until a recent flurry of Mad Planets activity forced my hand. I helped Jeff Rothe rebuild the beautiful example of the game he found. (see rotheblog) Then Bill Karkula asked to use my MP spinner and joystick to test out some MP board repair, so the control panel was off the game and I had no excuse!

The first step was to disassemble the joystick and grind some of the surface rust off the metal shaft. It cleaned up nicely, then I gave it a zinc primer coat followed by two coats of semi gloss and a clear coat. I reassembled the joystick, bending the mangled cherry switch back into correct shape and soldering some new lead wires in place. No problems. Now when I went to put it back on the game I just couldn’t do it. I knew I had a nice reproduction overlay stashed away and maybe it was time to put that on as well. Why not. So, I stripped off the rest of the cp parts and the cpo.

The old cpo came off pretty easy by scraping with a chisel. Its been real hot here in Chicago land, and the cpo was pliable. Now all I have to do is strip the adhesive and sand it down a little. If it cools off I’ll paint it, if not, maybe just a clear coat. I’m also thinking that I should get to work on reproducing the Gottlieb insert that goes on the joystick. The gorf insert is not original and I know a few people that are looking for them. Stay tuned.

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