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Retro Twitter updates for 2009-06-07

  • trying to format the twitter feed on my website, fun for a newb #
  • Almost fixed a G07 chassis today. New caps, new fly back, still no glow. HOT was good…IC or transistors…hmmm. #
  • Said good bye to Rip Off, but hello to Flight 2000. Thanks Jeff. #
  • Picked up a huge box of arcade paper from Patrick Cooke. #
  • Attempting my first pin restoration. Partially stripped the playfield on a Flight 2000. #
  • Finished removing parts from the lower right quadrant of the Flight 2000 playfield in between calls about financial aid. Ugh. #
  • Headed downtown Chicago via Metra with both boys. Neither have been on the train before, should be interesting. #

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