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Donkey Kong Jr. bootleg cpo added

This is the second NOS overlay I picked up from Troy Smith (vidgameseller), the first was a Popeye cpo. Troy got a whole bunch of NOS parts in a bulk buy when IPB sold off most of its parts inventory in an attempt to downsize operations. I won’t get into that here, but you can research the story on

While the Donkey Kong Jr. cpo has cleaner hole punches and lacks the waste plastic on the mounting holes, it is still a bootleg. The lack of any Willis Company text is one reason, but the primary reason is that Willis did a replacement cpo for DK Jr that is well documented. Its a decal and not reverse printed on lexan like this one. You can check out the Willis DK Jr. cpo on my artwork page.

Bootleg or not, I will add it to the growing archive of underappreciated arcade artwork. Enjoy!

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