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Video Outpost Article in Play Meter

A big thanks to Preston of nocashvalue fame for sending me these scans from Play Meter Magazine about the Video Outpost. Preston scored some arcade paper from a recent warehouse raid and while looking through the Play Meter magazines, noticed an article about the Video Outpost I had recently posted about. This article adds another layer to this bizarre arcade oddity.

To drop over $2k on a giant, over engineered, metal housing that was going to hold a pair of games is mind boggling. Add in the cost of the two games and you’re looking at a $6k to $8k initial investment before the first quarter even hits the slot! (that’s 24,000 to 32,000 quarters) Wow. The revenues back in the hey day must have been phenomenal for such an investment to have even be considered. “120 on order and 60 shipped”, according to the article, so some must have been on location. Anyone have a photo of one of these beasts in the wild? Now that would bring this story full circle. Happy gaming.

EDIT: 02/18/2012

Someone actually found a picture of the video outpost in the wild, and provided a link to the flicker album. I’ve re-posted it here. Pretty amazing to see this thing loaded up with games. Not sure if this is from a trade show or an actual location, but it is interesting to see regardless. Notice the white inside on the Asteroids?

Video Outpost

If you have any additional information about this product or more pictures of it on location, please drop me a line.

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