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Willis Tron cpo

The Tron control panel overlay by Willis was a decent attempt at capturing the feel of the original cabinet design in an aftermarket product. A step up from some of the random artwork jumbles commonly seen in bootleg artwork, this cpo was produced by Willis in 1983 with quality materials and an attention to detail. While the artwork is vaguely similar to the original overlay, there are some notable differences. The original control panel overlay uses red, blue and green for color and carries a number of details not seen in the aftermarket Willis piece. Yellow is substituted for green and the cross hair and spinner details are missing.

My example of the Willis Tron cpo is missing the cut out where the spinner decal most likely resided. It was probably removed during the die cut process. I’m not 100 percent sure a spinner decal existed, but I’ve seen plenty of those red top spinners to lead me to believe that they did. I checked the Wico catalog on my resources page, but it didn’t have a picture of this particular overlay inside. If you happen to own the cpo and it still has the cutout in place, shoot me a picture, I’d like to see it!

Another more important difference between the Willis and original overlay is the type of ink used in printing. The original art glows under black light and gives the cabinet its famous look. The Willis artwork has none of these effects, which I discovered when I put it to the test under black light. It just looks black. The last picture in the series is of course what the original overlay and spinner insert looks like. This reproduction is produced by Phoenix Arcade as part of the full set of Tron artwork available at the site. The artwork recreates the original black light effects beautifully and my Tron will be getting this complete restoration treatment shortly. The Willis overlay will be put back in the archive.

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