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Arcade Obituary: Exidy’s Clay Pigeon

Victim: Exidy Clay Pigeon upright no. 17970

clay pigeon

This rare piece of arcade history came my way thanks to Jon Jamashid, or evil exidy on the forums. He was moving cross country and had to unload some games. I ended up with Clay Pigeon and Hit N Miss. I shipped them all the way from Florida to the Midwest because Exidy cabs are somewhat scarce in these parts. I’m a huge fan of the Exidy 440 series of games and was looking forward to installing my multi-Exidy kit into a cabinet.

Unfortunately I barely have space for one, let alone two Exidy cabinets, so one had to go. Lisa was a fan of the colorful artwork on Hit N Miss, so it was staying. After months of trying to sell Clay Pigeon at my cost I got zero interest, which surprised me. I wasn’t going to give it away, so I stripped the cabinet of its useful parts and offered up the empty cabinet for free. Another local collector picked it up with plans to MAME it. So while the cabinet lives on, its life as Clay Pigeon has ended.

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