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Galaga upright no. 5922 – sold

I got lucky with this game pickup, right place right time and all. Way back in November 2004, I was returning a Uhaul trailer to a location in Cicero after having just hauled home a load of games. I noticed some commotion in the Uhaul garage and heard some familiar sounds. I went to check it out and there were two employees playing an upright Galaga, pretty funny to see at the time because it was cold out and they were bundled up in winter gear.

I asked what the deal was with the game and one of the workers told me it had been left behind on one of the rentals. I gave it a quick inspection, it was beat from route operation, but worked just fine. I offered $50 and 10 minutes later I had it loaded into the back of my SUV. Not bad!

I already had a nice restored Galaga in my collection, so this one would either get sold or traded off. After a post on RGVAC, I quickly found someone interested in the game. Galaga was still bringing decent money back in 2004, even in this condition. I traded the Galaga for an upright Gyruss, Elevator Action, Sanyo EZ monitor and an NOS Elevator Action overlay. (later identified as a Spy Agent) I was happy with the trade as I had been looking for a Gyruss. I ended up selling the EA for $75 to another collector so I made all my money back.

You may notice the brand new monitor that’s been installed in this game. I thought it was strange that someone would spend the $140 plus on a new monitor and then just abandon the game. In hindsight I probably should have pulled the monitor…now that CRT’s have gone the way of the dodo. At least it got a good home.

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