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Operator notes and inventory sheets

Operator notes are odd little items I’ve found in cabinets, manuals, industry magazines and of course in bulk arcade paper buys. In a recent batch of arcade paper, I came across this crude chart made by an op who was obviously trying to narrow down his next batch of game purchases. A lot of time was spent writing out little details about a number of games in an effort to maximize his return.

The operator listed the game, manufacturer, type, what its “like”, sound effects, graphics, odds, rating and comments. Whew! He was certainly trying to be thorough in his decision making process, I hope it paid off. Take a look.

op notesop notes

This next set of images are documents I found in the box of manuals I got with my bulk buy made back in 2005. Check out the post about my warehouse raid, to learn more. Its an interesting list of games, parts, manuals, etc. Seeing this list made me cry a little bit as most of this stuff was trashed in the months before I found the warehouse, including the Death Race and old Nutting IQ machine.

op notesop notesop notesop notesop notesop notesop notesop notes

I look at these pages and wonder about all the time it took to make and organize this list. Then when I think back to the way the warehouse looked…yeesh! At least something was organized. 🙂

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