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Stash of donated artwork arrives at my door!

I connected with another video game collector recently, Steve23, located in Georgia. I had referenced a Wico catalog, on my resource page in response to Steve’s Willis side art post on KLOV. He liked my efforts to preserve a little bit of the history behind the video game industry and messaged me. After a brief discussion via messages, Steve offered to donate a box of miscellaneous artwork to my preservation cause; very generous. The box arrived today loaded up with stuff and I couldn’t wait to dig in! Steve has cleaned out the inventory of a few old operators offices and warehouses and ends up with a lot of stuff. Not all of it is in the best of shape as you can see, but that’s to be expected from stuff stored in a warehouse for 20-30 years. I’ll clean up what I can and add it to the site as time permits, for now, here’s a glimpse. My favorite pieces have to be the tokens only stickers, of course.

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