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Repair Log: Space War: 081209

Patient: Vectorbeam Space War UR
Technicians: Mark H, Bill K and Chris M
Problem: Slightly shaky graphics during game play.
Troubleshoot: After discussing the problem with Mark H, I pulled the monitor and got it over to his place for testing. He didn’t find any issue with the monitor and suspected the ribbon cable, which I hadn’t brought along. Apparently the ribbon cable is a common failure point on the old Vectorbeam and Cinematronics games, similar to those crappy MCR ribbon cables that are always brittle and prone to failure. Good idea to just replace it. Here’s the old red ribbon cable attached to the monitor/pcb.

The next step was to bring my pcb over to Bill K for testing on his Cinematronics setup (Vectorbeam pcbs are practically identical), but I never made it that far. I decided to re-install the monitor and the new ribbon cable from Mark H. before pulling the pcb. Game fired up with no shakes. Here’s the new ribbon cable installed.

Solution: New ribbon cable eliminated the shakes from the vector display. Pretty easy solution this time around, now I just need to turn down the brightness!

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