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Reactor artwork ~ good stuff

I’ve been working on a Reactor restoration for a friend, a very patient friend, because I think it was about an eternity ago that I started the project. I plan to wrap it up this winter and thought I would share some pictures of the artwork before it all gets applied. It’s very nice stuff. The artwork came from Darin at Phoenix Arcade, but please don’t pester him, it sold out years ago. Included in the package was the side art, control panel overlay and the marquee overlay. All produced with the top notch quality I’ve come to expect from Phoenix Arcade.

I really like the design of the side art and the liberal use of orange throughout the motif. The package fits the game play very well. Hopefully soon I’ll have this cabinet completed and ready to go. Of course I’ll have to “break it in” to make sure everything works correctly 🙂

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