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Water issues in game room ~ ceiling leak

Anyone familiar with my little game room will also be familiar with the constant battle I’ve had with water. Water from the window wells, water from the drive way, water from ice, water ruining carpet, etc. Well this time I have something new, a leak in the ceiling, yeah!

At first I thought this was just some fallout from the driveway issue, but when the dripping continues even when it is dry outside, you know there’s a problem. I had a constant drip coming from one of my fluorescent cloud fixtures in the game room, so I removed the fixture to see what was going on.

After removing the drywall that was obviously moldy and wet along with some additional chunks to allow me to look around better, I discovered the culprit. A section of one inch copper pipe that feeds the water tank has a joint right above the light fixture. It’s leaking and creating the pool on the back of the drywall. I’ll end up cutting a bigger hunk of drywall out in order to verify the problem, fix the leak and then patch the ceiling. Drywall on the ceiling is loads of fun. Here’s my vote for a drop ceiling…if I had more ceiling height we would have done it.

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