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Big pile of paper and parts from Georgia

Fellow collector “Steve23” has been cleaning out his warehouse full of arcade stuff and trimming down his collection. He generously offered to send another batch of arcade paper work and some miscellaneous parts. (Missed the first donation? Check it out here.) Luckily for me he has a customer in the area and was able to piggy back a couple pallets worth of stuff along with a part shipment. I just had to head out to the facility to pick it up. I grabbed an enclosed trailer from Uhaul, which has to be the roughest riding trailer I’ve ever pulled, and headed out. I couldn’t take any pictures at the business, but here is a shot of all the stuff unloaded in my garage.

garage image

I haven’t had a chance to go through every thing, but skimming through the piles there were a couple interesting items.

I found a bid package outline from the US Navy for their crane vending business, a spiral notebook with operator route collection notes, misc manuals for games I had never heard of and a few stacks of arcade magazines. I hope to dig through the stuff over this holiday weekend to get a better idea of what’s there and worth saving.

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