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Sinbad by Gottlieb

My two boys have been engrossed in the old Ray Harryhausen claymation monster flicks. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger; Classics that I remember watching over and over as a kid. It seemed quite a coincidence when I got a phone call to service some pins and in return the owner wanted to give my his Sinbad pinball. Of course I had to check it out! I arrived at the house and was led into the basement to view the patients. Wow. A very nice Williams Pinbot and an Allied Leisure Thunderbolt sat in a little room along with a bubble hockey, poker and two arcade games. I didn’t see the Sinbad but the owner must have read my mind and walked me into the back of the basement to take a peek. Stunning. With a few new plastics and some elbow grease, it should clean up really well. I finished the work on the pins and was able to haul this home today, can’t wait to get it working again!

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