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G07 monitor chassis wash

This topic has been given a lot of coverage in the various newsgroups and arcade collecting forums. I’ve done lots of research and read all the comments I could find. I’m also lucky enough to have a good friend that knows a great deal about electronics and was kind enough to share the pros and potential cons of bathing them. After talking with him I decided to give it a go.

G07 chassis

I neglected to take a couple of before pictures to show the nasty grime covering these three G07 chassis, but we’ve all seen similar parts. Any arcade pcb’s that have been sitting around in a warehouse for 20 plus years are bound to be covered with crud. Makes it hard to see what you’re working on when trying to do repairs and sometimes a standard cleaning just doesn’t do the trick. So into the dishwasher they go!

I put three chassis’ into the dishwasher on normal heat settings with no detergent of any kind. I did give them a quick spray of simple green to loosen things up a bit. As you can see the parts came out very clean. Not 100% showroom floor clean, but so much better now that I can actually read the print on the pcb.

After the dishwasher process I used some compressed air to blow out the obvious pockets of water and then I let the three chassis sit on a wire shelf in the laundry room to dry. The heat from the dryer got them nice and dry in no time, but I still let them sit for several days. Next step is to do some rebuilding and see if I can get them working. Only issue I had was the “warm electronics” smell left in the dishwasher after the pcbs had been in there. Not a huge deal, but I had to run it again to get the smell out.

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