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Chicago Coin Las Vegas Shuffle advertisement found!

A recent arcade purchase from a former Stern employee turned out to be a small treasure trove of arcade history. I was super excited to find a potentially NOS Stern Frenzy cabinet right from the factory floor! You can see it stuffed into the back of my 4 runner below, or check out the full post about the cabinet HERE. As exciting as that was, the real treasure turned out to be the plastic bin of miscellaneous parts and documentation.

NOS Frenzy Cabinet

In a Rubbermaid tote full of parts, photos, flyers and documentation, I found an original 8.5″ x 11″ marker rendering mock-up of the 1963 Chicago Coin Las Vegas Shuffle game. The artwork is drawn on vellum and then glued back to back onto a piece of white filler paper to create a double sided flyer. This was probably done in house by the marketing department, or by the person handling the company advertising at the time. The mock up is very similar to the flyer that was eventually produced and gives a rare glimpse at the creative process behind the arcade flyers we love so much.

chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad

With an interesting color palette, nice shapes and clean perspective lines, the flyer is simple yet effective in its presentation of the product. The back of the flyer sets up the area for a product photo with plenty of space to provide the information about the game. Everything we’ve come to expect from an arcade flyer.

chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad

The final flyer has some variations in format, but kept the overall theme of the original design. You can see the side by side comparison with the original flyer below.

chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad

I’m glad I got the chance to discover and share this little piece of arcade history. Another thanks to Terry for saving the stuff all these years! If you have any additional information about this game, the marketing department at Chicago Coin Industries, or the Stern video game division, drop me a line. Special thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the Las Vegas Shuffle game flyer pics.

chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad chicago coin las vegas shuffle ad

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