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Berzerk control panel project (Frenzy no longer in production)

update #1 Control panel pre-order March 2016.

With a renewed interest in Berzerk panels, I have decided to do a small run if we can meet the minimum order qty of 20 pcs. 30 would be even better, but I'll try for 20. Price per panel at quantity of 20 pcs is $145 plus actual shipping TBD. This includes one shiny new stainless berzerk cp with protective mask, new shipping box, and packing material. It also covers all the shipping between vendors, and materials for building shipping crates. If we get 30 panels pre-ordered it will reduce the cost and I will refund that money in your shipping cost. You can read about the previous runs below, and see some pictures. I will update on this page and via group emails as I have done in the past. Process time will vary depending on a number of factors, including my schedule, so if you buy, patience is a must. Once panels are complete I will invoice each buyer for shipping and any PP fees incurred. Once final payment is made I will ship panel via FedEx ground. Any questions? Post them in the KLOV for sale thread so everyone can read the responses. I'll give it a few weeks for the pre-order. You can paypal $145 to

update #4 July 6, 2012 Control panels PROJECT COMPLETED.

Sorry for the long delay in updates, but there hasn't been much to tell. Panels are slowly being screened by the printer. I expect him to be done next week and hopefully the panels can ship the following week, once they have fully dried. I have also sourced a local laser cutter and will be offering up clear plastic protectors that can be installed over the cp to protect the artwork from rings, wear, and general abuse. No idea on cost yet but should have it nailed down before panels start shipping.

update #3 June 3, 2012 Stainless steel blanks shipped and received.

I purchased the full run of stainless steel panels from "takeman" of KLOV. My previous metal supplier had too many issues last time and takeman does great work, so it was time for a change. Panels were fully fabricated minus the bend at the bezel edge which will be done post screening. Panels still had the protective film on the surface which will help keep them safe on the trip to the printers. I did not save the crates from the previous panel run and had to make a couple of new ones. These are slightly different in design with a heavier exterior frame and removable panels for end loading the boxes. I put the panels in boxes and packed super secure and then loaded them into the crates for protection. Both crates arrived at the printer on June 1st, I do not have an ETA yet.

stainless blanksstainless blanksstainless blanksstainless blanks

update #2 April 26, 2012 Stainless steel blanks ordered.

Payment in full for the new run of Berzerk control panels goes out in the mail today. Pre-order is closed. Thanks to everyone who got this project off the ground.

update #1 March 10, 2012 New run of Berzerk control panels begins.

Pre-order for Berzerk control panels is now open. Project will begin when I receive 30 pre-orders, deadline is April 10, 2012. Paypal price is TBD. International buyers, credit card paypal users, and multiple purchases may incur additional fees. TBD - please email me. Mailing address and paypal/email address is HERE.

You will get a beautiful stainless steel panel, screen printed with the Berzerk artwork (see examples below or on the forums). Panel artwork ships masked for protection, packed in new boxes with new packing material, and shipped insured via FedEx home. Frenzy panels are NOT being remade. I will provide tons of updates as the project progresses. If the project does not take off I will refund any pre-orders. To learn about the past projects and to see pictures of the panels, click HERE or scroll down.


FINAL update September 19, 2010

The Berzerk and Frenzy control panels are now 100% complete and in my possession. I have packing materials on hand and will begin to pack and ship this week on a first in first out basis. I will email individuals to verify shipping information prior to shipping as addresses may have changed since this all started. Panels still have the protective mask on them and I will not be peeling the mask and inspecting each panel, just no time. I will give it a quick once over and obviously damaged panels will be "rejected". There is a chance that minor blemishes may exist under the mask. That is a function of the manufacturing process and out of my control.

printed blanksprinted blanks

update #28 August 20, 2010

I made it out to the fabrication shop today to drop off the last box of berzerk panels and also to scope out the frenzy panels. They look great. The fab shop now has all the panels and should start bending next week, once they get the job in the schedule. Here are a few pics I took of one of the unbent frenzy panels.

printed blanksprinted blanks

update #28 August 19, 2010

I have been trying to track down the shipped panels all week. First a bad tracking number, then no call backs and no return emails from the printer. I'm thinking they are blowing smoke up my butt, but in fact the frenzy panels were shipped directly to the fabrication shop against my wishes. I wanted to inspect them before hand. I am heading to the fab shop tomorrow to drop off the last Berzerk panel box so the fab shop will have ALL the panels and the bending can begin.

Good news is that he should have them done next week sometime. I start school on Monday but will do my best to pick them up ASAP and start the shipping process. This has taken way too long and I'm ready to be done with it. Thanks for your patience.

update #27 August 4, 2010

I'm sneaking in this update because it's important. I actually got tracking info, for the last crate via UPS, this very morning. Amazing. I can only imagine that when I talked to them last time the panels had not yet been fully reworked. I dunno. Either way the panels have actually shipped and the next step will be the final bends. Yippee!

update #26 July 22, 2010

I spoke with the printer this afternoon. Frenzy panels will ship tomorrow so I should have them sometime next week and then I will immediately bring them to the fab shop for final bending. The printer told me he had some scratching and damage issues and had to wipe and reprint a few panels, this added all the extra time because the reworked panels needed to cure properly before masking. Next update when panels are dropped at fab shop.

update #25 July 21, 2010

I've been back from Wyoming and have been working hard on arcade projects. As for the panels, I have had all the printed Berzerk panels since before I left on vacation. I am waiting on the Frenzy panels. They were supposed to have shipped to me already. I have been playing phone tag with the printer and the guy running the project, or he has been avoiding me. I will continue to call until I get a response. My guess is that they just had bigger work and frenzy got pushed to the side. Or its done and they are letting it cure, as the berzerk panels did, before shipping. Once I have all the panels in hand I can get the bending done and start shipping. Thanks for your continued patience with this excessively drawn out project.

update #24 June 30, 2010

Quickie. I'm on my way back from Ten Sleep Wyoming, leaving tomorrow morning for Chicago area. It has been a great vacation but it's time to go home. I don't think I'll be back until July 2nd or July 3rd, depending on how the kids do. Anyway, I finally got a response from
the printer, he is shipping the Frenzy panels next week so I should be able to get everything over to the fab shop and close this project out! Finally.

update #23 June 14, 2010

I got a few emails wondering about the Berzerk panels, so ~ the Berzerk panels have all been printed. Half of them are at the fabricators shop, half of them are with me (see update 21). Once I have ALL of the panels, Berzerk and Frenzy on hand and at the fabrication shop, the final bending step will occur. The fab shop was not interested in setting up the tooling more than one time for the run. Berzerk and Frenzy panels are almost identical, the primary difference being the center hole and the color of the artwork, so it makes sense to bend them all at once. Once the bending is complete I can pick them up, pack and start shipping.

update #22 June 14, 2010

The bending samples showed up a few days ago. Of the 3 pieces provided, 2 of them looked great with no damage at all from the bending. 1 sample had scratches where the mask had failed. I'm not going to wait any longer and instructed the printer to finish them up ASAP and send the finished Frenzy panels directly to me. When I get them I will add a second strip of mask along the areas that get bent in fabrication, hopefully this will be enough to eliminate any problems. I'll follow up today to see where they are at. I leave on the 22nd for Wyoming and will not return until the beginning of July. Even if I get the panels before then (remember they need to cure), I will not have time to finish them until after I return.

update #21 June 8, 2010

I finally got a response from the fabrication shop. The set up the tooling and bent those samples. I'm told they are better and they are sending them to me via FedEx. Hopefully I'll see them by tomorrow. If they look good I'll move forward with the Frenzy printing. If not
the Frenzy panels will have to come back. The remainder of the Berzerk panels showed up today. I instructed the printer to send them directly to the fabrication shop so I wouldn't
have to drive out there again so soon. Oh well. I'm not going to do anything until the Frenzy issue is resolved. I'm pushing to get this stuff done by next week, but I'm realistic that it may not happen.

update #20 June 3, 2010

A slight delay because of the Memorial Day weekend here in the states, but I did manage to get the first box of berzerk panels over to the fab shop, along with the all important 2nd round of bending samples with surface mask. They could not bend them while I was there, but I'm hoping for an update today. If all goes as planned, Frenzy will be a go and we can push these through. The fab shop will likely wait and bend all panels at one time to save on setup costs. Getting close...

update #19 May 25, 2010

I'm happy to say that one of the three custom boxes I made returned yesterday, packed full of screen printed Berzerk panel blanks. I'll be bringing them over to the fabricators tomorrow along with a final sample piece for bending. The printer is confident the inks will hold up and the mask will keep the parts safe from the tooling. Here are a couple pics of carefully pulled back masking.
printed blanksprinted blanks
Not the best pics, but they look fantastic in person. Frenzy panel is being color matched and once I approve the new bend sample we'll get them cranked out.

update #18 May 18, 2010

Got the bending samples for Frenzy back today and not real happy. Samples 1, 2 and 3 are completely destroyed and while sample 4 and 5 are better, there is still too much surface damage for the picky collector :-) Options are to try the heavier enamel coat or a baked enamel finish. I will have samples of both tested to see how they do, but I honestly think I'm going to be shipping a box of panels back to the fab shop for bending, then back to the printer again for screening, then back again for packing and shipping. Frenzy has become a costly project in a very short time. One huge reason to pick a local vendor and not someone out of state...the cost savings quickly vanish when production problems occur. Pictures of the samples below.

update #17 May 17, 2010

Lots to discuss today.

Berzerk panels: Have been curing for two weeks now and first box should ship for final bending Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I discovered that the cause of delay, besides his vacation, was just a concern over the mask + weight. Panel at top of box not an issue, panel at bottom of box with 30+ panels (about 3lbs ea) stacked on top, possible issue. Didn't want mask to become embedded into ink. Allowing ink to cure and harden properly *should* eliminate this possibility. I will check panels at the fab shop when they arrive. Final box of Berzerk panels will ship once this has been verified safe.

Frenzy panels: Bending samples found and tested. Fab shop says there is cracking, but I can't determine which sample cracked, no one is picking up the phone. If it is the UV ink, no problem that was expected. If it is the enamel ink then that's a problem and we'll either try a heavier enamel coat or the finish will have to be baked on. Baked on is bullet proof, BUT it will dull the finish considerably. I'll keep pressing this issue until its resolved.

I am done with school on Wed and will have time to constantly bug them...

update #16 May 13, 2010

Update no 16. I finally got someone on the phone today at the printers and found out that the guy running the panel project has been on vacation all this week. Nice of him to say something. Apparently no one else has a clue about the status or why panels didn't ship. Pretty irritated by this one and if things don't pick up I will be scheduling a stop at his door on my vacation return trip.

I did get tracking info on the frenzy bend samples which show they were delivered to the fabrication shop and signed for. I forwarded this info to the fab shop and await their reply.

My personal goal is to have this wrapped up by the end of the month and if not shipped, shipping shortly after. I only have one day of school left so I can focus on harassing them multiple times a day.

update #15 May 4, 2010

Berzerk panels are sufficiently cured and will be shipping this week. Once they arrive I will inspect them prior to the final bending process. Once approved, the bending should only take a day and then I can collect them and start the packing/shipping process. Frenzy films are apparently done, but I have not seen a proof yet to verify colors and placement, etc. I hope to see that in a day or two so they can start on Frenzy. Bending samples for the Frenzy (to verify the inks will hold up) has been received at the shop and I am waiting on a call back to verify everything went well. Usually no news is good news, but...
The only bad thing to report is that I am moving into final exam week shortly and the next 2 weeks will be devoted to wrapping up my semester. I will do my best to inspect panels before that time, but I can't sacrifice study time.

update #14 April 29, 2010

Time for an update. I spoke with the printer on Wednesday and was told that the first batch of Berzerk panels were done and the second batch would be started today. The Frenzy films are still in progress and hopefully to be completed in time for them to start on Frenzy once
Berzerk is done. They are moving a little slower than anticipated, but at least there is progress now.

update #13 April 16, 2010

Packing materials and carriage bolts arrived today. Panel bending sample should have been sent out by now, will follow up on Monday to verify. They are moving a little slow at the printers, but once they get started it will go quickly.

update #12 April 13, 2010

Panels still in process at the printer, hopefully they get started on them this week. Boxes and packing materials ordered. I also sent out bulk email about the "bonus" item, which will be new carriage bolts and keps nuts. The top cover plexi protector isn't getting rave response and will get scrapped.

update #11 March 30, 2010

Panels arrived safely at the screen printer today via FedEx. He really liked the crates and said the parts arrived without any damage. Fantastic. Won't be long now!

update #10 March 26, 2010

I cleaned up the handful of slightly marred panels and packed them all carefully in the custom crates. The 3 crates (300+lbs) were picked up by FedEx and are now on their way to the screen printer. Stainless samples were sent to the screen printer during the week for them to put a layer of color on. These will then be used to test bend to make sure the inks survive the bending process (frenzy only).

update #9 March 13, 2010

All three wood crates for shipping to the printer were finished during the week. While packing parts I discovered some scratch damage from the center bevel forming on the Berzerk panels, not on all of them, but too many to just call rejects and move on. They have to be re-worked. What does that mean? It means a delay as I will need to get the top surface of these panels lightly sanded to remove the marks. With my exam schedule coming up, the best I can hope for is a shipping target date during the week of March 22.

update #8 March 7, 2010

A little update on my progress. I picked up the panels at the fab shop and they are currently in the back of my SUV on a skid. The weekend goal was to build the 3 small wood boxes for shipping. I have made the parts for all 3 but have only assembled 1 so far. Household
illness and the crappy weather have limited my outdoor time. Sorry for the delay but because of school this week I doubt I will finish them until the weekend. So looking at a ship date to the printer of 3/15. The good news for you international buyers is that I plan to reuse the box to ship the panels all in one batch - if that can be agreed upon. Should guarantee safe arrival much more than individual cardboard boxes. We'll talk more when that time arrives.

update #7 March 5, 2010

Progress today! After inspecting and reviewing the Frenzy and Berzerk blanks at the fab shop I loaded all 320lbs into my SUV and drove away :-) I will be making the custom crates for shipping this weekend and off to the printer early next week. Shouldn't be long now.

update #6 February 24, 2010

Panel blanks are complete with a #4 finish and the berzerks have the center bevel. Panels now have to go for passivisation and the fab guy is giving me a hard time. There had been some confusion on the shops part as they thought the panels were in millimeters, not inches, so
I've been battling with them a bit on costs. Once they figure out where the panels need to go I will be bringing them myself so I can first inspect the panels and also to insure safe delivery. No one handles your stuff as well as you do! After passivisation I will be sending the panels for silk screening in a custom built crate to insure safe shipping.

update #5 February 18, 2010

Panels are back from the laser cutter. Waiting for the center bevel to be fabricated in the Berzerk's so all the panels can be sent for passivisation before the silk screening process. Sample pieces will be included to be used as tests for the bending operation. As frenzy gets a complete top surface screen (blue), I need to verify that the enamel inks will hold up without cracking during the bending process. I'm told they will, but I want to make sure. After passivisation, panels will go to screen printer so he can start on Berzerk. Frenzy will be done after verification and Berzerks. That's all for now.

update #4 January 30, 2010

The order for the panel blanks was placed yesterday. I went out to the fabrication shop to review prints, drop off samples and discuss time frames. My guess is the blanks will be done in approximately 3 weeks time, as they need to make some new tooling. Frenzy artwork and screens will require some time to prepare anyway.

Official start of project!

Panels were ordered and referenced in update #4, so previous updates are mostly about the pre-order process and not necessary to post here.

When did the project start?

The Berzerk and Frenzy control panel project officially started on January 30, 2010. The pre-order for this project is over and only a few remaining panels are available for purchase. Possibly the last chance to purchase a Berzerk or Frenzy control panel ~ only 30 Frenzy's are being produced.

What will they look like?

The Berzerk panel will be identical to the stainless steel version of the cp, there is no white background in this version. The Frenzy panel will also be made from stainless, a material upgrade from the original. The entire top surface of Frenzy will get a blue silk screen base color with the artwork screened on top. Top surface of all panels will be masked for protection. For a little history about reproduction artwork, check out the info at rotheblog. Here are a few pictures from the Berzerk control panel run I did in 2006.


Why buy from me?

My eBay ID is cnlmoore and I've been around RGVAC, KLOV and coinopspace for awhile. I have run the Berzerk cp and Mad Planet insert reproduction projects, a few parts for Bob Roberts and now the Berzerk and Frenzy cp project.

So what's the price?

Berzerk panel - pre-order closed
Frenzy panel - not available

Includes careful packing and shipping inside the USA. Shipping to other locations OK, but additional s/h charges will apply.

How do I order?

The pre-order for the 2012 Berzerk cp run is now closed. Inventory from previous runs sold out.