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Willis Moon Patrol cpo

Monday, March 18th, 2013

So here we have the Willis Moon Patrol control panel overlay. It has all the quality features I’ve come to expect from a Willis product, with die-cut control openings, reverse screen printing and 3M paper backing; they even made a good effort on the artwork. Granted its not the Williams Moon Patrol cpo, but it has some interesting features. The Willis Moon Patrol cpo attempts to create the perspective that you’re in the seat of some lunar vehicle, driving your way across the moons craggy surface. With the sun setting in the distance, you’ve just embarked on some great adventure across this alien terrain. Not buying it?

Willis Moon Patrol UR cpo

Then lets just say that it’s much better than some of the bootleg pieces I’ve seen, especially this one – bad bootleg moon patrol cpo – and leave it at that. Insert token to continue…

Moon Ranger ~ Bootleg Moon Patrol

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Found a folder labeled “Moon Patrol” in this big stash of operator paperwork, but upon closer inspection it contained some cool color instruction cards for Moon Ranger, a bootleg of Moon Patrol.

instr card

According to KLOV the game sounds identical to moon patrol in every way, they even stole graphics from the Williams game for the instruction card. Bootleg games were a big problem for manufacturers back in the 80’s when arcades were booming. Why pay top dollar for a Moon Patrol when you could get a cheaper conversion kit for Moon Ranger? I also found this sticker inside the folder, just another instruction card with some hints of Engrish, perhaps for a cocktail table version of the game. Pretty fun stuff.

instr card

DECO Burgertime and Moon Patrol

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I traveled to the recent St. Louis area Super Auctions to hang out with fellow collectors and to scope out the goods up for auction. I had a great time and hope to do it again. (St Louis Auction) Of course when you’re also planning to pick up a nice DECO Burgertime, it makes the road trip a little easier.


I worked out a deal with Troy Smith of arcade unlimited for a non-working DECO Burgertime. He agreed to drop it off at the auction so I could pick it up during the preview the night before. (more…)