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Arcade Obituary: Exidy’s Clay Pigeon

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Victim: Exidy Clay Pigeon upright no. 17970

clay pigeon

This rare piece of arcade history came my way thanks to Jon Jamashid, or evil exidy on the forums. He was moving cross country and had to unload some games. I ended up with Clay Pigeon and Hit N Miss. I shipped them all the way from Florida to the Midwest because Exidy cabs are somewhat scarce in these parts. I’m a huge fan of the Exidy 440 series of games and was looking forward to installing my multi-Exidy kit into a cabinet. (more…)

Arcade Obituary: Galaxian No. 27104

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Victim: Midway’s Galaxian upright video game

At approximately 26 years of age, this poor Galaxian met a brutal end in a cold warehouse, on Chicago’s southwest side. Born in 1979 to NAMCO, but adopted for the United States by Midway, Galaxian soon proved his earning power on the streets. With its two way joystick and single fire button, this game tore up the space shooter genre and earned its operator big bucks. Unfortunately, as new games were added and interest faded, Galaxian earned less and less until it was finally stored away. There it sat until 2005 when the operator performed the final conversion, turning Galaxian into dumpster lining, via sledge hammer.

GLX 27104

This sad collector was several months late to the scene, or the game would have been saved. All that was left from the horrid destruction of such a classic video game was the name tag. To view the scene of the crime, check out my warehouse raid post. Save those classics!