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Big move to Alaska

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Born and raised in Illinois, I had considered moving a few times, especially with the high tax and piles of BS that come with living in the state. With so many good friends and family members close by, I really didn’t think it would happen. When my wife asked me if I’d consider moving, I told her I her I had been thinking about it too. I knew she was unhappy at work and had been job shopping, so I wanted to be supportive. I could find work easily and the idea of getting a fresh space to mold for an arcade was appealing. My current space was good but not perfect, and we always want more space. Where were you thinking of moving to dear…?

Big Move to Alaska!

Imagine my shock when Alaska was the answer! I figured Indiana, Wisconsin, or maybe out west to California, but Alaska? Yikes. After numerous discussions, a family “vacation” to check it out, and even more discussion; we decided to make the big move to Alaska. My lovely wife got an amazing job offer and flew off to Alaska to start right away. That left me to pack up the house, the kids and the arcade. After collecting for over 15 years I had accumulated a lot of stuff, this was going to be a challenge.

Insert coin to continue…

Gaming on hold!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The summer went by so fast, barely had time to work or play in the arcade. Summer school chewed up a bunch of time and now that the regular school schedule is back, any gaming activity is pretty much on hold until I finish. I have no free time at all. The summer wasn’t a total loss as I did get some interesting bits of info and started some projects, but all that will have to wait. Hope the school year goes by quick!