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Road Trip to Arcade Nirvana 2010 – Part 2

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

In the much anticipated part two of the “Road Trip to Arcade Nirvana”, I’ll continue our saga with headaches, travel plans and rare lasers. If you missed the first part and want to catch up, check it out HERE . It was tough to wake up early on Sunday morning, especially after that long stretch of drinking and gaming in the Freecade, but we did it. My head felt like I had slept under a train bridge, but Greg and Christy were ultimate hosts to the very end, providing us with coffee and a delicious breakfast before we headed out. We had plans to visit two more collectors while we were still in Ohio, and it was time to get moving. The first stop would be Morgan B. in Hilliard, which was only about 20 minutes away. Greg had plans for later that day, but wanted to visit with Morgan and introduce us, so we headed over in separate cars.


As we drove the short distance to Morgan’s place, Jeff and I discussed Morgan’s history on RGVAC and in the collecting community in general. Back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, Morgan was best known for his knowledge of Zwackery. Zwackery is an odd D&D style adventure game that was designed by a marketing person at Bally Midway. Zwackery had great potential as one of the early adventure games to hit the scene, but the controls are very complex which make it a difficult game to grasp and play effectively. Morgan had a comprehensive website with all kinds of information and history about the game, but it has been down for a long time. (more…)

Repair Log: Cube Quest: 011410

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Patient: Simutrek, Cube Quest UR
Technicians: ???
Problem: Game would power up, but die after a few minutes. No sound.
Troubleshoot: I was just a lucky observer with this project, so I can’t provide too many details. (I will ask and update if possible) I did get to see the huge board set and the massive cage that housed it. What a monster.
Solution: The easiest way to work on this board set was to have it out of the cabinet, but the cage and cabinet has connectors that are all dependent upon one another. Sticking your head into a dark cabinet to probe with an Oscope is not a fun time, especially when the cab is in the garage during a wonderful Midwest winter.


The cage itself prevented effective troubleshooting, it was just in the way. What to do? Build an equally complex testing harness and power supply, of course. After many days of painstaking labor to develop and build a dedicated test station for Cube Quest, the tech was finally ready to get down to business.

After only a short time, the technician was able to get the board working, as you can see. One interesting bit about this game is that it was designed to work and play even if (or should I say when) the laser disc player failed. What you see here is game play minus the laser disk effects. Still pretty cool. The next step is to restore the sound and then connect the laser disc player to see if it will all work together. Want more info about this particular game? Check out the post over at rotheblog, happy gaming!