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Pinball backglass restoration in RGP

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

I haven’t tackled a pin restoration yet, but at some point I’ll start on the firepower machine I have that’s been waiting for a little TLC. This thread over in RGP got me thinking about my pin project and about pinball restoration efforts in general.

Read the RGP thread here.

I think the new process is a great idea and hopefully a less costly alternative to silk screened glass reproductions. Knowing a little about silk screening from my Berzerk control panel reproductions, I can only imagine the time and effort required to produce a repro pin glass. The cost certainly reflects this. Being able to produce the same quality effect on a translite could be a fantastic way to repro some backglass art that might otherwise never get done.

Pinball restorations are a worthy cause, let Steve Young or the pin community in general know how you feel. Get involved and help save some games!