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It’s the 30th Anniversary of Robotron, the perfect time to revive a pair of cabinets. (Robotron restoration pt 1)

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

robotron arcade game

I’ve been hanging on to this old Robotron cabinet forever. I inherited the cab when a good friend moved out of state and didn’t want to take it with him. It was a project that I figured I’d get around to one day, well one day ended up being almost ten years, yikes! It wasn’t until another collector suggested that I restore his cabinet at the same time that I got motivated. He’d cover materials and I’d finally get the project underway, so what the heck. I prefer to restore multiples of the same cabinet anyway, it makes for efficient use of time and materials. The cool thing is that this restoration project coincides with the 30th anniversary of Eugene Jarvis’ classic Williams arcade game. I’ll have to do a good job! Insert token to continue…

Willis Robotron, Stargate and Zaxxon cpo’s

Friday, September 5th, 2008

I got a response to a WTB post in RGVAC from Chris Loggans.  He had a handful of Willis overlays available and we quickly struck a deal.  I soon received a Robotron, Stargate and Zaxxon cpo rolled up in a heavy duty mailing tube.  While I already have a Robotron and Stargate, the price was right and I was hoping to find them in better shape than the ones I already have.  The Zaxxon would be a new addition.  (more…)