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Star Wars Cockpit canopy plexi

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I picked up a very nice star wars cockpit back in 2006 or so. It happened to be a factory converted ROTJ and I got it for a fair price. Soon it would be converted back to star wars. Cosmetically I didn’t have much to do with the game, other than replacing the broken canopy plexi. I couldn’t find any reproductions available, so I did some research and bought pre-cut plexi from a local vendor along with plexi drill bits and the heating strip needed to bend my own. Since I had a nice cockpit, my Star Wars upright was quickly traded away. Mongo came to pick it up and dropped off a working Tron along with a nice new set of canopy plexi. Of course. Needless to say the plexi project got shelved.

Fast forward four years and it’s time to revisit the project. I’m tired of moving the plexi around! Plus I need something to keep me busy while I wait for the Berzerk and Frenzy panels to return from the screen printer. Below you’ll see my sample plexi set and the jig I made from a set of canopy parts and plywood. The first set came out great but it needs some slight tweaking. I’ll only have enough material to make 12 sets, so if you need one, drop me a line!

Star Wars Cockpit – troubleshooting

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I’m going to jump right into this post without much background.
The main reason is that I need to share video of the display on my 25″ amp monitor with an arcade technician. We’re trying to iron out a few bugs in the final steps of the restoration. I’ll provide back-story later. For now, enjoy some 25″ Star Wars glory, shaky vectors and all. Video taken using a flip video camera, big HD files hosted on YouTube.

Star Wars Cockpit – easy game play

Star Wars Cockpit – title menu screens