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Willis Super Pac-Man cpo

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Is not so super. Don’t get me wrong, it gets the job done, but what happened to the caped Pac-Man, and the angry blue ghost? The color has changed from a blue background with yellow insert to a yellow background with blue. The Willis version is also missing the stripes from the original cpo that matched up with the bezel, this breaks up the continuity. Add in that color variation and the overlay just seems “off”. You might also notice the slightly darker boxes around the text and the player select character, perhaps because the artwork was attached to the film and not integral. A kind of screen print cut and paste. A little more effort could have gone into the artwork on this one, especially for a Pac-Man game.

Super Pac-Man

Now of course with every Willis overlay the production quality is excellent and this overlay is no exception. 3M backer paper and adhesive, artwork screen printed on lexan, and die cut joystick and button holes. The control panel overlay is labeled part number 2001 and was produced by Willis in 1983, which makes it one of their later production pieces. Insert coin to continue…