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Grab that game, or it will slip away!

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

It’s true when you hear someone say, “You snooze you lose”. I was reminded of that when I returned to a local operators warehouse to check on some inventory I was interested in. Last time I was there I had found an Atari “Touch Me” game. An older, medium sized Atari, similar to the portable electronic game, Simon. An odd find for sure. I tipped off a local collector and he picked up the game for a reasonable price. While talking with the shop technician, we asked if he had any other games. He promptly led us through the back to check out the warehouse. What we found was a small treasure trove of old electro-mechanical games. Unfortunately I only took a couple of pictures.


This one is a pretty cool looking Sega Combat EM game. According to Marvin’s site, you control a tank and blast away at targets with only 12 shots. I really wanted to grab this one as it was in great shape, just didn’t have the extra money or space at the time. My friend was interested in these…


A pair of 1974 Midway Chopper’s according to Marvin’s site. Amazing to find one, but two was unbelievable. Even stacked on top of each other, they still looked to be in great shape. A fun variation of the typical helicopter themed EM game such as Whirly Bird.

dog fight

While trying to climb over stuff to see what was there I saw a few Davy Crockett’s, a Midway Dog Fight, Fun Land (or Play Land?) and a couple western themed EM shooter’s. There was also a Pitch and Bat or two and a handful of older pins. Unfortunately for us we waited too long to follow up. A collector off the RGP forums (Mark the fireman in Hoffman Estates ~ I don’t like you!) swooped in and picked up 8 or 9 of the best games in the warehouse. Lesson learned for me. If you find something good you’d better make the deal and haul it away, don’t wait or hesitate, you’ll be sorry later. Oh well, I won’t make the same mistake again. Mark, if you’re reading this, I’d like an invite to play Combat once you get it working 🙂

Operator notes and inventory sheets

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Operator notes are odd little items I’ve found in cabinets, manuals, industry magazines and of course in bulk arcade paper buys. In a recent batch of arcade paper, I came across this crude chart made by an op who was obviously trying to narrow down his next batch of game purchases. A lot of time was spent writing out little details about a number of games in an effort to maximize his return. (more…)

Warehouse Raid

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Everyone loves a good warehouse raid so I thought I’d share the experience I had back in March of 2005. I got lucky and found a place very close (5 minutes) from my old house in the City of Chicago. The operator had moved into darts, pool tables and jukes exclusively and was eliminating all the junk that had been sitting around taking up space. She (yes she) had been systematically gutting and smashing cabs for months before I found the place. Why? She only had a tiny dumpster and wanted to maximize the amount of stuff she packed into it each week. I rushed over to the warehouse shortly after I got off the phone with the op, there was no time to waste. (more…)

Monitor Flow Chart added

Friday, December 12th, 2008

I got lucky back in 2005 and was able to raid a small warehouse near my old house in the City of Chicago. In that raid I found a lot of misc paperwork, inventory notes and technical documents made by the staff technician. I found this monitor flow chart on the work bench. It’s 11×17, dated 1982 and laminated. Not a bad little flow chart. Crappy jpg below, but the PDF is great.

Monitor Flow Chart

Grab the two page PDF version HERE. If you use this chart for repair work, please leave a comment and tell me about it. If you want to re-post this to your site, that’s fine, just credit my site.